Society for Creative Anachronism

West Dragonshire


Winchester Pilgrimage VIII

Who Will Be There

Raphe Cuthbert

Ariel of Lindisfarne





Prince Robert

Princess Delia

Edith of Hedingham

Ari Mala

Alexandre d'Avignon

Eularia Trewe

Maud de Elsynge

Nicholas de Estleche

Pernel Chaloner


Vasilisa Koshkina

Aryanhwy merch Catmael

Simon Talbot

Gwen Makeblisse

Yannick of Normandy

Haesel of Bernselai

Maire ni Chonaill

Wolfram von Falkenstein

Alessandra di Riario

Eleanor of Dovebridge

Thomasine Deverill

Robert Deverill

Mary verch Thomas

Richard of Salesberie

Eibhlin Ni Ghallchobair

Duncan  Forbes

Amphelise de Wodeham

Agnes des Illes

Mreddud ap Gwylim

Julian ferch Luned

Edward the Explorer

Esbiorn Jensson

Catlin le Mareschale

Tamara Samuilova

Sigtryggr Hrodulfson


Linnet de Covenham

Angelica Andegavensis

Ursula of Guildford

Benedick Goodfellow

Beatrice Greenhill




Paul de Gorey

Anne of Wokingham

Robert Fitz John

Maxim Sinister

Douwe Johannes

Margaret of Galloway


Katherine of Great Chesterford

Ozbeg Mangudi


Gytha Ui Bhanain



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