Society for Creative Anachronism

West Dragonshire


Winchester Pilgrimage VIII


Friday Evening

17:00 Site Opens
20:00 Join us in the 100 Mens Hall for readings of Canterbury Tales, making of scrip bags etc


08:00-09:00 Breakfast in 100 Mens Hall.  Please note this is used as a cafe during the day, so we must be cleared out and cleaned by 09:30
10:00 onwards Pilgrims will be despatched in the direction of Winchester Cathedral. Return at your leisure and don't forget to get some lunch and be sure to be back in time for the fighting demos
14:00 First fighting demo
15:30 Second fighting demo
18:30 Court - outside of fine, in Brethrens Hall if not
19:30 Feast
22:00 Curfew on singing, loud conversation etc in the quad


08:00 & 09:30 Church services for those that wish to join the local parishioners
11:30 onwards Access available to quad for strike. Before that, please strike your equipment through the ambulatory to the Bowling Green

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