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Kingdom University 2016

Come join us for a weekend of learning and training in the beautiful surroundings of Ufton Court.



Events with Society-wide scope are marked by the SCA icon ().  Events with Kingdom-wide scope are marked by the Drachenwald icon ().  Events of Crown Principality scope are marked by the Insulae Draconis icon ().  Events that are taking place within West Dragonshire are marked by our icon ().


Other events throughout the UK can be found on the Insulae Draconis calendar...

Other events throughout Europe can be found on the Drachenwald kingdom calendar...

Note: Unless otherwise specified, events are for our own entertainment rather than public demonstration.  Where events take place in a public area, members of the public are free to observe and ask questions.  For most events, it is necessary to register in advance to take part, and there is usually a fee to cover the cost of the event site etc.  All we ask is that anyone attending (1) make an attempt at period clothing and (2) behave in a chivalrous and courteous manner.

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